About Us

ProFlight is point-to-point Part 135 virtual carrier that largely operates on the VATSIM Network.


ProFlight Virtual was founded by three friends in 2006 who wanted to start a virtual carrier that would set the standard for the rest.

Where We Fly

Primary hubs are located in Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and Miami, but destinations are only limited by your imagination.


Our expectations were set to be the best VA on the network and this tradition is continued by our hiring practices. We look for professionalism, humility, piloting skills, and personality, all of which make ProFlight a respected name in the flight sim community. We thank you for your interest and look forward to seeing you all in the virtual skies.

Newest Pilot
Brett L

Chicago Midway Intl Airport

1 month ago
Best Pilot | Flights
Best Pilot | Block Time
Best Pilot | Landing Rate
Pireps (Accepted) 812
Total Block Time 1299h 34m
Avg. Block Time 1h 36m
Total Fuel Burn 5,949,426 lbs
Avg. Fuel Burn 7,327 lbs
Avg. Fuel Burn/Hour 4,578 lbs
Total Distance 385,621 nmi
Avg. Distance 475 nmi
Avg. Distance/Hour 297 nmi
Avg. Landing Rate 165 ft/min
Avg. Score 99